@stuff prides itself on making sure our business clients are completely satisfied with our services. Below are some specific examples of how we provided workable solutions to various online business challenges.

Taking It Online

A retailer who sells store fixtures and other related products such as shelving, signs, racks, etc. knew it was time to stop relying on his printed catalogue for sales and take his business online. Working with the retailer's designer, we developed a complete ShopSite store, with additional high-end features such as product add-ons, cross-sell, quantity discounts and more.

Specialized Shipping Options

A brick and mortar marketplace sells wine, spirits and gourmet foods. They can ship some products to all states but wine and spirits can only be shipped to the states that permit it. We developed a custom Shipping API that offers shipping and local pickup options based on the contents of the shopping cart and the shipping destination.

Integration with Buy Seasons™

We developed an Order API and additional modules to integrate our client's ShopSite store with their Buy Seasons™ account. Inventory, orders and fulfillment status are all updated automatically.

Delivering Digital Subscriptions

An online business that sells digital subscriptions needed custom programming to send new subscriptions to their external subscription server. @stuff created an Order API that did just that.

Fulfillment Interface

A ShopSite store needed to send their ShopSite orders to their fulfillment company. We developed an Order API so orders are transmitted automatically to the fulfillment company, which could then instantly notify them if an order is rejected or an item is on back-order.

Coupon Redemption Codes

A ShopSite client used ShopSite coupons and needed to issue redemption codes for specific products. We created an external database and Order API that automatically generated these redemption codes and delivered them to the buyer on the Thank You screen and Confirmation email.

Yellow Freight Shipping API

A client that uses Yellow Freight needed real-time shipping quotes. We developed a shipping API that communicates with Yellow Freight's API and displays the shipping quote in the shopping cart.

Inventory Updates

A client needed to synchronize their inventory database with that of their fulfillment company. @stuff developed a program that queries the fulfillment company's database every hour to ensure that the store has the latest up-to-date information on what was in stock and in what quantity.

pepperjamNETWORK Feed

A client wanted a product feed for the pepperjamNETWORK. We developed a program that exports their ShopSite product data and converts it to a format acceptable by the pepperjamNETWORK. The program runs daily and the client's feed is always up-to-date.

Local Pickup Options

A store wanted to offer buyers local pickup options in addition to shipping. We developed a Shipping API to add the functionality to ShopSite.

Tell Us What You Need

These are only a few examples of the many automated ShopSite tasks our APIs can accomplish. If you need an API created to meet a different need, just ask - and we'll deliver it!

We can also further customize your ShopSite store, so it can interface with external systems for inventory update, customer communications, shipment tracking, and other critical business information—making sure that you, your customers, your fulfillment vendors and your shippers all have the most current order information at the same time.

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