This Privacy Policy governs the ways in which Atstuff (@stuff, we or our) collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from our customers and visitors to our websites (Users).

In the course of providing services to Users, whether they are customers or visitors to our website.

How we collect information.

Cookies. Our website uses cookies. Cookies are read by our computer to determine whether you have visited our site before, how often, the length of time and which pages you view.

Registration, Billing and Customer Records. When Users become customers they provide us with their name, address, phone number, user name, credit/debit card or bank information and other personally identifiable or confidential information. This information may be aggregated to create an administrative record that includes information related to the products and services provided to you, how you use those services, problems related to the services, and notations from our staff about our relationship with you, among other things (collectively, Registration and Billing Information).

Customer Inquiries. If you contact us about a problem or with a question we may ask you for specific information related to the reason you have contacted us (Customer Inquiry Information). This information may be tied or input into your Registration or Billing Information.

Statistical Information. All of our servers collect statistical information such as your IP address, date you visited, computer you are using, and operating system, among other data (Statistical Information.

Third Party Products and Services. We offer products and services that are provided by third parties (Third Party Products). These Third Party Products may collect and use information in ways that differ from those set out in this Privacy Policy.

How We Use the Information We Collect.

General Information. All information either alone, or when combined with other information, may be processed in such a way as to identify Users individually. This section describes how we use various categories of information, and whether we use it, or process it, in ways which can identify a User individually.

Cookies. We use the information provided by the cookies to change the way our website looks to you; to keep you logged in to certain areas of the website; and to collect demographic data about where visitors to our website go and how they behave. We do not use this data to identify Users individually.

Registration and Billing Information. We use Registration and Billing Information to identify Users personally. Registration and Billing Information is used throughout our business to provide services to you. Information related to payment, such as a User's credit card number, is only used to ensure we receive payment for services rendered. Registration Information may be shared with third parties affiliated with us if they provide services through us to you and those services are billed by them independently. A third party's use of your Registration Information may differ from our use of it. If you would like additional information about a third party's use of your Registration Information, please contact us.

Customer Inquiries. We use Customer Inquiry Information to identify Users personally. It is used throughout our business to provide services to you. Customer Inquiry Information is shared with third parties in the following circumstances: to identify and fix problems with services we provide when we are not capable of doing so ourselves.

Statistical Information. We use statistical information to operate our hardware and software, diagnose problems and administer our website. We may use aggregate information to modify the products and services we offer based on who is visiting our website, and what they are purchasing. We do not use this data to identify Users personally.

Other disclosures. @stuff is required to comply with relevant laws, regulations and judicial orders. Information covered by this Privacy Policy, as well as other categories of information, may be disclosed to third parties if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such a disclosure is necessary or required. We may also disclose this information if in our sole discretion such a disclosure is necessary or required to protect our interests or the interests of our customers. We may also disclose this information in connection with the sale of our business.

Options and Inquiries.

You can modify your Registration and Billing Information by notifying us in writing. Send notifications to Atstuff, PO Box 100385, Cape Coral, FL 33910-0385


Updated May 31, 2018