@stuff offers a wide variety of solutions that can take your business online—or we can custom-design modifications and add-ons for your existing ShopSite store.

Here are just a few of the things we can do for you:

Build Your ShopSite Store

@stuff is a Certified ShopSite Developer, the leading Shopping Cart software for small and medium-sized businesses. Using ShopSite as a foundation, we will customize it based on your business model, so it functions according to your needs. We can handle the entire technical side of your new ShopSite store or work with your other providers on specific projects.

Integrate A ShopSite Shopping Cart Into Your Existing Site

If you're ready to take your business online we can make it happen. You'll be able to accept credit card and PayPal payments securely and reliably. Using the proven ShopSite software, we'll work closely with you to add a robust shopping cart to your site that does what you want it to do.

Maintain And/Or Upgrade Your Current ShopSite Store

If you have a ShopSite store, we can change your current templates or develop new templates to expand and/or improve your current online shopping service. We can also develop customized APIs if you need special features.

Create Customized Programming To Streamline Your Online Operation

APIs are complex programs that help you expand your ShopSite store's functionality by eliminating time-wasting redundant tasks. We can develop custom APIs specific to your needs so your ShopSite store can talk to other systems, share order and shipping information with other company's databases, and extend the overall functionality of your ShopSite online store.

With an ORDER API you can:

  • Send order information to a fulfillment company.
  • Send shipping info to a shipping company.
  • Regularly update your database as well as those of the companies you work with.
  • Add additional specific order information (tracking numbers, registration codes, etc.) to the Thank You screen and/or Confirmation email.
  • Assign license codes to digital products.
  • Process payment information outside of ShopSite.

With a SHIPPING API you can:

  • Obtain rate quotes from one or more shipping companies
  • Pre-process or calculate special shipping requirements

With an INVENTORY API you can:

  • Query a remote system for real-time product availability
  • Update inventory on a remote system after a purchase

Tell Us What You Need

These are only a few examples of the many automated ShopSite tasks our APIs can accomplish. If you need an API created to meet a different need, just ask - and we'll deliver it!

We can also further customize your ShopSite store, so it can interface with external systems for inventory update, customer communications, shipment tracking, and other critical business information—making sure that you, your customers, your fulfillment vendors and your shippers all have the most current order information at the same time.

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